Gas Cutting Machines

Most industries use gas cutting machines in India, and why not, the autogenous technique of gas cutting and welding has gone through a major period of development in the past 50 years or so. Now, there is software available that helps in the cutting or fabricating jobs for large machines to be more precise, while also saving on time and wastage of raw material so that productivity is maximized. Specifications for a particular workload can be outlined and uploaded, and the software will find the most efficient way possible to finish the job given. There are three major cutting methods used for modern and precision industrial cutting. They are Laser Cutting, Plasma Cutting, and Water-jet Cutting.

All three methods are popular as per requirement, but the Plasma Cutting method is one of the most effective and widely used approaches to metal cutting. In this method, gas is superheated by an electrical charge and then concentrated and projected through the torch tip to cut any electrically conducive metal. It is called the Plasma Cutting method as the gas and electric current combine to form plasma that does the trick. Laser Cutting machines are popular when it comes to cutting thin material, but does not do a good job when it comes to sheets of thick metal or any thick material. The Laser Cutting method sometimes makes use of accessory gas that is either inert or oxidizing for the needed blowing activity to further speed up the removal of leftover molten material. Even though, in this method the cutting is very precise, a plasma torch is capable of cutting materials that are much thicker with speed and accuracy. While, Plasma cutting can cut thick material and is also faster than a water-jet cutting method. However, Water-jet cutting can be used for thick material, and is one of the best methods for cutting material other than metal.

Gas cutting machines use the combustion of acetylene to initially begin the melting of the presented metal. After this Oxygen is introduced in a pressurized jet, which acts to combust the metal, thus eventually melting and helping to cut it easily. A gas cutting machine produces a cleaner, smoother edge to give a good finish to the product. Since so many industries are giving back to the environment, it is vital to mention that there are no toxic gases generated through the gas cutting process making it ecologically safe and even allowing the machines to operate in an enclosed space. Hence it is advisable to buy gas cutting machines in India to help you increase on productivity and profit.