Technocrats Now Offers KALI-45i CNC Ready Plasma Cutter

Technocrats Plasma Systems Pvt. Ltd have always produced Inverter Plasma Cutting machines which are user friendly, most reliable and compatible to CNC and manual cutting applications. Model Kali-45i which was launched primarily for manual cutting applications last year. It now has been made CNC ready on popular demand.

Kali-45i is a runaway success model for thin sheet cutting applications as well as for users looking for machine for cutting in the range of 12 mm. The machine works on 3-phase input supply and withstands voltage fluctuations  of +/- 25%. There is a different model for single phase input supply called Plasma- 45i. Both the machines are same so as performance is concerned. Kali-45i is rated for operation at fuel capacity continuously. Technocrats offers suitable Cub series CNC profile cutting machines which supports cutting thickness as low as 0.3 mm. Plasma Cutting Current may be adjusted from 10 amps to 45 amps. One can cut thickness up to 20 mm manually with quite ease. The operating cost is probably the lowest in the world as there are only two consumables used in the torch. Efficiency of the power source is among the highest. The cost of consumable is the lowest. All these factors make this model very popular among the users. Cathode & Nozzle (only two consumables) are priced U$ 5 a set. One set may cut 1000 meters of 5mm thick mild steel/Stainless Steel material on a CNC profile cutting machines.

Technocrats Plasma Systems Pvt Ltd manufactures Plasma Cutting machines for thickness up to 200 mm of Stainless Steel and complete range of CNC profile cutting machines. Inverter Welding machines for MMA/TIG/MIG/MAG/SAW/Synergic Pulse Welding machines and provides automation solutions for all types of welding and plasma cutting applications.

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