Thin Sheet Cutting With Plasma Power Source

Plasma Cutting MachinePlasma cutting of thin sheets has been a challenge due to handling and host of other problems.

TECHNOCRATS PLASMA SYSTEM PVT. LTD. has designed a plasma cutting torch which operates at as low as 5 Amps current and cuts 0.3mm foils. The biggest challenge for holding of thin sheets was overcome due to innovative fixture design. The power source was designed for producing plasma arc of few amperes. The quality of cutting achieved is comparable to any other process.

The integration of fixture power source, Plasma cutting torch, CNC controller and the cutting system produces the best quality of cut. The kerf width is in the range of 0.5 to 0.8mm. This has revolutionized the thin sheet cutting. Oxygen plasma produces quality very close to LASER cutting at most competitive cost. This information is not available to majority of users involved in thin sheet fabrication. Technocrats Plasma Systems Pvt. Ltd. is the first Indian company which has manufactured such a product in the country. Many panel manufacturers and automobile sector has benefited from this product.


“Plasma” is fourth state of matter, others being solid, liquid and gas. Ionized form of gas is Plasma. Ionized gas (Plasma) conducts electricity. Aura around SUN is Plasma. This property of plasma is harnessed for industrial applications. One of important applications is Plasma cutting. Plasma is produced in a device called Plasma gun or torch. Plasma gas (Air, Argon, Nitrogen, Hydrogen+Argon etc.) is passed through a suitably designed annular space between cathode and a nozzle. High voltage at high frequency is imposed in the form of pulses between cathode and the nozzle which ionizes the plasma gas passing through the space and plasma stream is formed which oozes out of the nozzle in the form of flame. This is known as Pilot arc.

As soon as this pilot arc comes in contact with the job which is anode of the power source, an electric arc is produced between cathode and anode of the power source through the nozzle orifice. This arc is known as Plasma arc. Diameter of this arc is governed by the orifice diameter of the nozzle which in turn is decided based upon the power requirement. Typically this arc is 30000 degree Celsius hot. Variation in current density, changes the arc temperature.

Due to the higher temperature of the arc, all conducting materials can be cut. The power required is supplied by the power source especially designed for the purpose. There are many parameters which are responsible for the quality of cutting. Thicknesses up to 250 mm have been cut by M/s Technocrats Plasma Systems Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai, India.

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