Tips for Safe Welding During Monsoon


Monsoon has just shown its first signs, welders are also returning to work after Holidays and orders have shown signs of improvement after a relatively dull period. Welding is an integral part of fabrication work and as majority of us use IGBT based welding rectifiers, it is very important to save the machine and welder from the danger of moist weather during the rainy season.

Being a customer centric organization, we at Technocrats feel the necessity to provide you with Five tips of safe welding during Indian monsoon.

TIP# 1: Avoid Sweaty Gloves

An arc welding electrode is always live, i.e. charged with an active electrical current. If gloves become saturated with sweat and the welder touches the electrode he has been welding with, the welder’s body becomes a part of the electrical path & – IT IS DANGEROUS.

TIP# 2: Avoid Wet Floor & Water inside Welder’s Boot

Wet floor and damp boot or socks also make the welder’s body a part of the electrical path and as his body is not connected with earth, the current can’t pass on to the earth & – IT CAN BE FATAL.

TIP# 3: Cover The Welding Machine While Welding Outdoors

High moisture is detrimental for PLC, which is used to make to make Inverter based welding rectifiers. It leades to PLC failure, which leads to machine failure. Avoid direct contact between water and rain or use a waterproof cover for the machine, while it is raining heavily

TIP# 4: Use The Torch to Pre Heat The Metal

Welding a damp metal is also dangerous. Use TIG torch to make the metal dry and then start the welding process.


Last and the most basic tip, which everyone always does. However, it is of utmost importance to ground the work piece when You weld in rainy season. If grounding is not done, the workpiece becomes a part of an open circuit and it is always fatal to touch an open circuit.

Hope these tips will help you to keep the machine and welder safe, during next 3 months of Indian monsoon. Please feel free to share with us, any other safety tip that You feel is important.

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