Welding Technology and Welding Process

In our day to day life, nearly everything we use is welded or made by the equipment that is welded. Welding is the most economical and efficient way to join metals permanently. In this process, with the help of arc, we can produce two different metals in one unusual piece.

Historically, the first welding technique was introduced in the middle age by blacksmith where two metals were heated until they are glowing and the hammered together to form a bond. This welding was known as forge welding.

This was developed by skilled craftsmen. It went through the Renaissance period and so on. Later in the 19th century, electric arc was introduced with the carbon electrode that made the work then easy and simple. And after many decades, with the development of technology electric arc was improved by using coated electrode and alternating current transformers.

During this period, various welding process was introduced such as spot welding, seam welding, flash butt welding, etc. And stick welding became the most popular welding process

After the end of First World War, the American Welding Society was established whose aim was the advancement of welding process. The society introduced CO2 welding process, automatic welding, Seam less welding and many more process. And still more development in welding is taking place for the larger production.

In India, Technocrats Plasma Systems Pvt. Ltd. has made a remarkable place in the development of the welding process.

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